Soeks Ecovisor F4

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Ecological analyzer SOEKS Ecovisor F4 International (dosimeter, nitrate tester, water quality assessment, EM field indicator).

A compact and easy-to-use device for determining the quality of food and water, as well as their background radiation. When the cap is removed, the device automatically switches to nitrate measurement mode. The choice of products for analysis has been expanded. Device menu in 12 languages.

All norms for the content of nitrates have already been entered into the memory of the Ecovisor.

The case is made of material with a velvet coating and rubberized side elements. The touch screen greatly simplifies operation and makes the interface more intuitive. The device can be connected to a computer, which makes it easy to update the firmware. The composite probe allows you to measure at multiple points at the same time and show accurate measurements at any product temperature. The device is able to determine the hardness of tap water, check the performance of the filter and the quality of water from the well.

Ecovisor with built-in dosimeter. It checks the radiation background of food, water and any items. After switching on, the device continuously measures radiation and controls the accumulated dose. 

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