CoaguChek Pro II

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The CoaguChek Pro II system (consisting of the CoaguChek Pro II meter and the CoaguChek family of test strips) is used for the determination of PT and aPTT by healthcare professionals in a Point of Care environment.

The CoaguChek Pro II meter features

  • Detection system: electrochemical determination of the PT and aPTT time after activation of coagulation cascade
  • User interface: large color touchscreen; screen icons allow intuitive operation
  • Memory capacity: 2,000 test results
  • Integrated 2D barcode reader for entering user/patient ID and lot numbers of controls
  • Enhanced data management capabilities: WLAN and unique QR Code connectivity option
  • Universal battery pack, charging via power adapter and/or base unit *(HBU)
  • Side and top dosing options with a drop of venous, capillary or arterial fresh whole blood (min. 8 L)
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