Insupen Advanced 34G 3.5mm N100

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Insupen Advanced pen needles 34G x 3.5 mm - box of 100

Insupen Advanced is a range of technologically innovative, sterile, disposable pen needles for insulin therapy, available in a variety of lengths and diameters, all designed according to Indolor Experience™ principles.

Insupen Advanced pen needles administer insulin therapy in a serene and simple way, reducing discomfort. Thanks to their specific tecnology and varied range, they are suitable for any injection routine and adapt to your needs without requiring any change in habits. 

The huge technological value of the Advanced range offers you quick, delicate and easy injections, relieving any fear of needles and discomfort.

Quick: the innovative Rapid Flow allows for faster injections thanks to thinner needle walls.

Delicate: Soft Sharpening - a special triple sharpening of the needle - makes injections less invasive and therefor more comortable.

Easy: the new Easy Sliding tecnology lubricates the outer walls of the needle so it slides effortlessly into the skin.

These include Insupen 34G x 3.5mm, Pic's shortest amd thinnest needle, which makes injections less invasive and reduces fear of discomfort. 

Insupen Advanced  pen needles are suitable for all types of syringe pens (NovoPen, Humapen, Lantus, FlexPen, SoloStar, Tresiba and others).

Change needles before each injection, so you reduce the risk of lipohypertrophy

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Manufacturer: Pikdare S.p.A. – Italia